K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security

Antivirus protection against cyber threats
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It provides malware protection and safe banking. As for child security, the program presents parental control and device control. It scans media and tracks website accesses.

K7 TotalSecurity is a set of six different programs that will provide you with almost total protection against various types of threats on the Internet. It includes protection for virus, spyware and adware, spam, key-logger & root-kit, and online intrusions.

Its download is fast and the installation is smooth. Its graphical user interface is user friendly and very easy to use and understand.

First, K7 TotalSecurity does a pre-screening of your PC searching for threats to guarantee your protection. Secondly, it has an antispam filter that catches all unsolicited e-mail classified as spam. (These e-mails can often be very dangerous because they can carry viruses and other malware as attached files.) Thirdly, its spyware and adware protection is also an essential tool in guaranteeing your online privacy and security. (Spyware and adware are not very dangerous, but the information that they record from your computer (e.g. personal details such as credit card number, etc) can be obtained by a third party and used for malicious purposes.)

K7 TotalSecurity 10 also offers a firewall, which makes your computer practically invisible for everyone who wants to steal and intercept any data that you send and receive online.

The privacy protection is also one of the important features of this program, keeping you away from dangerous sites and guaranteeing that you personal details are safe and cannot be used by another person.

However, the application has poor fishing protection, that common financial scam that steals vital financial information that circulates on the Net to get access to bank accounts and credit cards.

In all, this Asian comprehensive application is worth trying because nowadays viruses are not only the only dangerous threats spreading on the Internet.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Comprehensive protection against threats, fast scanner, does not overload system


  • Shareware, cannot run with other antivirus programs
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